Myths About Cleaning Up After A Flooding Incident

Coming home to a flooded house can be very difficult. It is emotionally difficult to see the place where you lived wet and damaged. But once you move past the initial trauma, you will need to move forward and deal with the reality of the water damage. Clearing up the following myths will help you do that in a safe, effective, and productive way.

Myth #1: If the damage is minor, you should clean it up on your own.

People do attempt DIY water damage restoration often, and if the damage is indeed minor, the process might go okay. However, DIY cleanups are not usually okay with insurance companies. Homeowners insurance companies usually want to see that the cleanup is done by a licensed water damage restoration company. This assures them that the work is done properly so the home does not suffer any further damage, such as mold damage, in the future. If you do a DIY job and then need to file a claim later, your insurance may not approve it. So, you're usually better off hiring a pro from the beginning.

Myth #2: You can wash and save most items.

When a home is flooded, the water that comes in is usually not clean. Even if it came from a clean water pipe, it probably came into contact with something contaminated at some point. All it takes is a day or two of the water sitting around for bacteria to replicate and make the water dangerous. As such, it is usually best to dispose of anything porous that has been exposed to the water. This includes blankets, rugs, curtains, and even drywall. Non-porous items made from glass or plastic, on the other hand, can typically be sanitized and kept.

Myth #3: Once the water is out, you're all set.

Stage one of water damage restoration is removing the water from the home. But that is only stage one. To ensure mold does not grow or does not grow back, your water damage restoration team will need to remove any moist materials. They will also need to dehumidify the space. So, if your water damage restoration team says the job will take them a few days, that is completely normal.

Flooding incidents are challenging to deal with. Hiring an experienced water damage restoration company is usually the way to go. Now that the myths above have been cleared up, you're ready to take this step. For more information on water damage restoration, contact a company near you.

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