4 Waterproofing Services For Your Home

Waterproofing services are essential in different applications, for example, roofs, walls, and basements. With waterproofing, you get a stable and usable structure for many years. Discover four waterproofing services for your home.

1. Roof Waterproofing

Roof waterproofing services aim to protect your building from snow, rain, and frost. Although roofing drains rainwater, waterproofing protects your building against remnant condensation. Besides, steam can also get trapped in your roof space, which waterproofing controls.

Some roof waterproofing methods include:

  • Surface waterproofing using bitumen, acrylic, rubber, or polyurethane mastic waterproofing
  • Sprayed waterproofing using acrylic formulations or liquid rubber
  • Injecting materials using cement, silicate resins, polyurethane, or emulsions
  • Waterproofing using perforated film/hydro barrier

A waterproofing contractor chooses the above methods based on water damage risk assessment. They may also combine the methods to ensure your roof withstands moisture damage.

2. Swimming Pool Waterproofing

The swimming pool area usually gets exposed to water, chlorine, and atmospheric agents. So, waterproofing services are ideal for internal and external swimming pool parts. Waterproofing contractors use a liquid waterproofing membrane and safety joint roll for the angles.

Further, they can use an epoxy coating to finish your swimming pool's surface. The waterproofing contractors can also cover the waterproofed surface with ceramic tiles or traditional coats. Other typical materials for swimming pool waterproofing are resin and glass fiber.

3. Basement Waterproofing

The basement's location predisposes it to moisture damage. Water in the soil near your basement may exert hydrostatic pressure underneath your basement. The pressure can force water through cracks, leading to structural damage. For instance, the affected area could decay or weaken the foundation.

Basement waterproofing services come in handy to prevent water penetration through your basement. Some typical types of basement waterproofing services include:

  • Exterior/interior basement waterproofing
  • Interior water drainage
  • Interior sealants
  • Foundation crack injections

The prices of these methods differ. In addition, a waterproofing services assessment defines the best basement waterproofing approach for your basement.

4. Wall Waterproofing

Your exterior walls are prone to moisture damage, especially after heavy rainfalls. Excessive water can travel through your internal walls and damage them. As a result, your walls remain damp, favoring mold growth, which might spread to other areas.

Usually, your contractors waterproof the outside and inside of your walls for a conclusive fix. For instance, the waterproofing technicians use a waterproof sealant to cover moisture entryways like cracks.


Waterproofing protects your premises from costly water damage repairs. Also, if you already face water damage, waterproofing services correct the harm to prevent worse issues. Finally, different home areas need specific waterproofing methods and materials. 

Contact a local waterproofing service, such as Central Penn Waterproofing, to learn more. 

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