Mold Testing And Remediation Assumptions

Discovering that mold has started growing in the home is an issue that many people will encounter at some point or another. While mold is a common problem, there can be many assumptions that will be able to negatively impact a person's ability to oversee the repairs and cleanup that will be needed. 

Assumption: The Color Of The Mold Will Tell You What Kind It Is

When individuals discover that there is mold in their homes, they may assume that the color of the mold will tell them the type that is growing. In reality, the color of the mold can be impacted by a variety of factors. As a result, it is important to have any mold that is growing in the home tested. This can allow you to determine whether it poses significant health problems if you are exposed to it for long periods of time.

Assumption: Only Mold That Is Readily Visible Needs To Be Mitigated

Some homeowners may think that they should only worry about undertaking cleanup and remediation work if the mold is visible. In reality, it is advisable to have any significant mold issue addressed even if it is in an area of the home that may not seem like it has much air circulation or that is not visible. In particular, it can be common for mold issues to develop between walls, in the basement, or in other fairly isolated areas. Failing to eliminate these issues can lead to mold spreading throughout the home more quickly. This could result in the required remediation work to be significantly more difficult and costly to complete.

Assumption: Household Cleaning Products Will Be Sufficient For Eliminating Mold

When there is a mold issue in your home, your first instinct may be to use household cleaning products to eliminate the problem. In some cases, attempting to use these products to eliminate the mold issue could actually lead to it becoming worse. This results from the spores being spread by the cleaning process. A safer and more convenient solution for eliminating mold is to have a professional service handle this work. They will have tools that can effectively clean and neutralize mold regardless of where it is growing while also reducing the chance of it becoming disturbed and spreading further. In many cases, these services may even be covered by insurance policies due to the serious structural issues that an unchecked mold issue could create for the home.

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