When Should You Invest In Professional Water Damage Services? 3 Clear Signs

Water damage is one of the costly hazards you can experience in your home. This problem occurs in both old and new homes. Water damage can result from a leaky roof or pipe, burst plumbing lines, leaky appliances, clogged drains, inclement weather, and sump pump issues. Unfortunately, homeowners may not realize when they have a water damage issue in their home or even know what to do about it. If the problem isn't fixed in good time, it worsens, causing massive structural damage, among other serious problems. So if you are experiencing water damage in your home, you should contact a professional to help you fix it. Here's how you know that the time for professional water damage services has come. 

Lingering Musty Smells

You shouldn't ignore the musty smells in your home because they are a common water damage sign. The smells are inevitable when you have water damage under your floorboards or perhaps in the walls. If there is a lot of water in these areas, the odor gets stronger, and the indoor atmosphere becomes damp or humid. Typically, you experience persistent musty smells when there is standing water somewhere in your home. If the problem isn't corrected immediately, mold will grow and cause more problems. So ensure you hire water damage experts as soon as you detect musty smells in your home.

Mold Stains on the Ceiling and Walls

Can you spot mold stains on your ceiling or walls? If yes, water damage could be the cause. Mold usually thrives in humid or wet areas. If certain areas in your home are consistently damp, mold will easily grow. In fact, even mildew could also thrive in the damp places in your home. So you shouldn't ignore the mold stains on the walls or those appearing on the ceiling because they are clear signs of water damage. The stains could be black or brown, and some could even be yellowish, but this usually depends on the mold type. Hiring a water damage company when you notice mold stains is the best thing you can do. They will deal with the problem before it takes a huge toll on your health and property.

Water Pools or Puddles

Pooling water or puddles occur mainly as a result of leaks. In fact, you shouldn't ignore leaks because even minor ones can cause water damage. If you clean up a puddle and another one forms, then you have an undetected leak, which could cause serious water damage. It's sometimes hard to spot the leaks, especially those within your home's structure. Sometimes, the leak could be elsewhere, but the puddles will collect somewhere in your home. So call in professionals in water damage services immediately you notice the pools before they damage the wooden floors and other parts of your property. 

Contact a water damage service near you to learn more. 

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