4 Tips to Prevent Bathroom Mold

Even if you consider yourself an amazing cleaner, you might find yourself waging a battle with mold in the bathroom. You're creating heat and moisture every time you take a shower before work in the morning, and with all of that humidity comes mold. As such, the best way to cope with mold in the bathroom is to stop it before it starts.

Here are four tips you can try to prevent the mold in your bathroom from getting out of control.

1. Keep Air Flow Below Your Shampoo 

Leaving bottles sitting on the edge of your bathtub might seem efficient and easy, but water can accumulate and get trapped underneath and allow mold spores to discreetly form and spread.

Instead, try using a shower caddy to store your bathing products so that the outside can dry in between each use. 

2. Do the Laundry

Wash your towels at least once a week to prevent mold from forming. Also, remember to wash your shower curtain. Mold is commonly found at the bottom of the curtain, as well as between the curtain and the liner.

Rugs can also act like sponges, absorbing water and grime in your bathroom, so be sure to wash them regularly as well. Mold tends to smell like dirty socks, so if you feel like your rug smells like dirty laundry even though it looks clean, there may be internal mold that isn't visible yet. 

3. Keep Your Fan On

Most bathrooms come with fans to help dry up moisture in your bathroom. Be sure to keep them running when you're bathing, and keep the bathroom door open once you're done.

If your fan isn't getting the job done, look into getting a dehumidifier for the countertop or the floor so you can cut back on the humidity in your bathroom.

4. Don't Leave Water on the Floor

If you see water that isn't drying after several hours, be sure to mop it up. If you hand wash your rags or clothes in the sink, space them out far enough so they can fully dry. The longer water is sitting in the bathroom, the more likely you are to encounter mold growth.

These are just a few of the tips you can follow to combat mold in your bathroom. Still, if mold has managed to overtake your bathroom despite your best efforts, contact a mold removal service today to keep it at bay.

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